Kea Phønix ApS produces and provides the full range of autoclaves used in the international food industry for sterilisation of products packed in tins, bottles, plastic containers, etc.

PHONIX autoclaves are also used in the international pharmaceutical and technical industries.
Kea Phønix ApS provides the following types of autoclaves in both black and stainless steel, in standard dimensions and customised models.

  • Water Spray autoclaves / rotoclaves
  • Full Water autoclaves / rotoclaves
  • Steam autoclaves / rotoclaves

  • Kea Phønix ApS offers to deliver the following customised autoclave accessories and services:

  • Baskets, trolleys and perforated spacers
  • Chain conveyors for basket transport in the autoclave
  • Mounting of heat exchanger and cooling tower
  • Refurbishment / upgrading of existing autoclaves
  • Modernisation of process control systems
  • Regular service, maintenance and periodic inspections

    Future demands to sterilisation are increasingly moving towards more accurate control of the temperature, pressure and time requirement.

    Today’s PHONIX autoclaves are delivered with high-tech process control systems with several programs allowing follow-up and documentation.

    Kea Phønix ApS      Specialises in developing customised process control systems are created with the customer.